Adoption Success Stories

Peppermint Patti (formerly Mojo)


"Even though he only has three legs his inner Evil Kenevil will not be slowed down. Peppermint moved in right around thanksgiving and he hadn't put a dime towards the rent since then. His hobbies include moving all my shoes to the middle of the floor and attempting to give his sister (Mini the rescued pomchi) kisses. Peppermint loves doing puzzles with mommy but has not got the hang of them, he mostly tries to eat the pieces. He also hasn't mastered the art of independent flight but judging from his enthusiastic tail wagging, mommy thinks he might be part helicopter."

Zeus (formerly Thor)


"Zeus! The gentle giant Aka Thor adopted in Jan 2018 rescued at at 90 with 20 more to gain. Heart worm positive and starting injections late March. He is the love of my life! He enjoys car rides and coming to work with me 😀 he is one of the laziest employees I have but he’s def one of the cutest!!  He loves being in the woods and long walks any chance he gets. Biggest cuddle bug there is. My Zu Zu. I’m forever grateful for adoption first for finding me the perfect cane Corso!"

Minnie (formerly Lucy)


"We adopted our Minnie girl from yall September of 2017. (Yall knew her as Lucy.) She is an absolute sweetheart, always wanting to cuddle and give kisses. And she is the best little sister to our other baby dog Pearl! We dont know what we did without her here with us!! She is the best!!"

Opie (formerly Apollo)


"Opie, (previously Apollo) I adopted Opie November 1st, 2014 and he’s been such a joy. He has moved from North Carolina to back home in upstate New York. He has been by my side through a divorce, pregnancy, and helping raise his baby sister (my daughter). We love this boy so much! I’m forever grateful for him."



"We adopted Stella in October 2014. She loves to be outside, cuddle her toys, and give us love. She is very spoiled and loved. We couldn’t imagine life without our silly girl!"



"Our Aura was adopted through Adoption First about 2 1/2 years ago. She is my son's best friend and the perfect "mommy" to our newest kitten."



"Rowan, we’ve had him since February 2017!❤️ He was also super proud of the hole he dug!" 

Jax (formerly Simba)


"Jax is my best friend! He is totally spoiled by my husband and I and loves his new house!"

Max (formerly Maverick)


"Max -formerly maverick- then and now! Truly the best friend I’ve ever had!"

Rizzo and Cha-Cha


"Adopted both of my girls last year. Rizzo and Cha-cha (formerly Coco). We adopted them a few months apart but they are literally the best of friends now.  They were both so malnourished and preggo when y'all got them but they are now just a couple fatties who love to snooze on the couch, cuddle and almost knock over my coffee table when their big behinds play around. I am so happy they fit so well together and are an important part of our family."

GiGi (formerly Lily)


"Our GiGi girl (formerly known as Lily). We adopted her about 2 years ago. This is her and my son begging for food lol. She’s crazy but we love her. She keeps our much older dog on his toes. When we got her she was only like 10 pounds, now she’s close to 70! Thanks for our addition!"



"This is our Brody bear! 😍 we adopted him last month (Feb. 2018) and he hasn’t stopped smiling since!" 

Blue (formerly Cobalt)


"We adopted 'Cobalt' last year. His name is now 'Blue'. He is my ray of Sunshine, he is such a Lover Boy and so smart! He plays hard with his little brother Hank, and then they rest in their favorite spot. Blue completed our family, and we love him soooooo much!"

Cash (formerly Huffman)


"Huffman! We changed his name to Cash❤️ he was he perfect addition to our family! He’s made lots of new friends and we love walking nature trails almost everyday!"

Macy (formerly Cordelia)


"I adopted Macy in October 2017. She was very timid when we first met her at an adoption event outside of PetSmart, but as soon as we took her home she came right out of her bubble and is now a happy and energetic dog! I could not imagine life without her, thank you Adoption First for introducing me to my new best friend!"

Griffin (formerly Meko)


"Griffin, originally known as Meko. We brought him home almost exactly a year ago (March 2017) and he is our everything!"

Sadie (formerly Shelly)


"My sweet Sadie (previously Shelly) adopted at 3 months old...she still had many problems we’ve had to overcome! Though she still slightly struggles with the separation anxiety, she’s been an absolute blessing and we can’t imagine life without her!!!"

Zuko and Daisy


"Zuko (adopted August 2017, mainly black) and Daisy (black and white)...cute and annoying as only a puppy can be.  Even though they are 6 months apart in age they are inseparable."

Milo (formerly Jack)


"Milo (you know as Jack) is doing amazing! He has learned so much! And is bonding with Millie (our New Leash on Life adoptee) who acts like Mom! We love him so much!!!"



"We adopted Lilly February 21, 2018❤ She is so smart and funny! Since the first day we brought her home with us on a trial run, we knew she was going to stay! Having her here has filled an empty place in our hearts and we could never thank you enough!"

Cooper (formerly Keith)


"Our pup Cooper (Keith). We adopted him on February 17, 2018! We absolutely love him and he loves to take naps and run outside."

Scout (formerly Ian)


"We adopted Scout (originally Ian) over a month ago now. And we couldnt be happier with our special spunky boy. He keeps us on our toes and is helping to fill a hard void left by our older dogs that passed. Thank you so much to Adoption First for helping us find our perfect family member.  We love him to pieces!"

Murphy (formerly Zoey)


"Murphy the dog formerly known as Zoey has brought a lot of love and happiness into our lives. One day she might master eye, mouth coordination."



"Patches: He has been with us for about a month. He loves stuffed animals and it constantly looks like it snowed in the house. His best bud(pictured) and him play and chase each other all day, and then collapse by nightfall. Thank you for the great addition to our family."



"Sloan! he's brought us so much joy. He's so funny and lovable. I'm not sure how we ever got along without him!! Lol he's always posing for the camera."



"Remington Ray! He joined our family in September of 2014 and loves people watching, long walks, and waiting for Dad to get home. He has been such a blessing. As you can see, he loves food too."



"Good Ol Moose thinks he owns the joint.  He definitely had the right name picked for him. He is 118 pounds of goof.  He has separation anxiety and He knows he can’t be trusted If I’m getting ready to go somewhere he sighs heavily then goes and plops down into his crate.  He’s a good boy though most of the time."



"We started fostering Spot in Novermber of 2017. He was acting out at the rescue facility. He couldn't be with dogs or cats, he is blind, 12 yrs old, and heartworm positive. I finally took the leap to ask my husband what he thought. He said sure! So we brought this old man home, built him his own room- filled with a comfy bed, toys, and big meals. We took him to adoption events, posted about him all the time...but he just kept getting overlooked. We knew we were moving in April, so we decided if he didn't get adopted we would let him hangout on the farm with us! He is not apart of the Love family"

Goose (formerly Cole)


"Goose was supposed to be a quick weekend foster. We had just found a home for our previous foster who we had about 4 months and my husband was demanding a break. Then a dog named "Cole" came into the rescue. He wasn't eating and was congested, and since my husband was going to be gone for the weekend I decided to brig him home to see if I could get him eating. It was LOVE at first sight with my hubby. We ended up taking him to the vet after getting him, where he was diagnosed with pneumonia. After nursing him back to health over the next few weeks we knew he wasn't going anywhere and officially adopted once he was neutered about a month later. He fits into our family so well and is definitely the addition we didn't even know we were missing!"



"Adoption First received this little sweetie from Duplin County after being found in a field with half her leg missing. We immediately took her to the vet to find out she was only two weeks old and weighed 13 oz. We were told she would have to be bottle fed every 3-4 hrs. The vet didn't know if she would make it through this being so young and her leg looked horrible. I took her in and began the journey of fostering her. We named her Charlotte and she immediately showed me how much of a fighter she was. She started eating regularly and being able to stay warm and her leg finally started to heal. She ended up going on vacation with me and had a blast. When we got home we got great news that her leg healed properly and she wouldn't need surgery! She was now healthy enough to get spayed and adopted. She found her forever family with an older couple who fell in love with her and to this day she is still spoiled!"