If you are interested in helping Adoption First please fill out a volunteer application. There are many different ways to help from administrative tasks to walking the dogs to helping transport. Contact us for more details. 


Lori Parker


"I’ve been fostering with Adoption First for a little over a year. I love dogs and being able to show them love and happiness until they find a forever home! Adoption First is an amazing organization and I’m so thankful and grateful to be apart of it!!"

Briana Counts


" I’ve been fostering for Adoption First for about a year. We are a dog family and fostering is our way of giving back to community. All of my kids can be involved and they look forward to teaching a dog what it is to be part of a pack."

Kym Mitchell


"Ours is a family affair... We a dog loving family started working with Adoption First over a year ago. We foster puppies and volunteer. We all shed tears of sadness and tears of happiness, but the best part is being part of a group that is an absolute second family!! Rescuing is a lifestyle and it quickly becomes a part of who you are!"

Val Burrola


"I have been a foster with Adoption First since 2014. Caring for these incredible souls makes everything worth it. Some days are heartbreaking but watching a scared dog become confident and free from previous pain is the best thing anyone could experience. I love being part of this rescue family."

Kiera Edwards


"I have been fostering/volunteering with Adoption First for almost a year and a half now, I love everything the rescue does for dogs. I’ve always been an animal person so when I found out I could foster and help more animals I jumped at the opportunity and now I practically live at the rescue. It is a huge part of my life and it makes me so happy. Everyone is so nice and we are just a huge family working together to make dogs lives better."

Meagan Gray


"I have been volunteering regularly for around 6 months now and fostering for 2. I started off helping my mom, we are all animal lovers, and just ended up falling in love with all of it. I want to help as many dogs as i can!" 

Carlie Proto


"I volunteer because we rescued our first fur baby from Adoption First in August 2017 2and she was such a great addition to our family that I decided to help give more dogs that opportunity. Whether it is by cleaning, poop scooping or transporting new dogs to the rescue it all contributes to finding loving homes and a second chance for all the dogs we save."

David Hekman


"I have been volunteering/fostering for Adoption First since October 2014 and I have a beard... :)

Kaylee Lowery


"My story starts with the adoption of Gus in 2014 then fast forward to May 2017 my husband wanted another I wasn’t ready so we choose to foster now we have had multiple foster and failed with three of them."

Amanda Rowe


"I’ve been fostering with Adoption First for about 3 months now, but I’ve been fostering dogs for 2 years total now. I love being able to meet lots of new dogs, bring them into our home and show them that life isn’t that bad while helping them transition to a home of their own. Most dogs are in shelters/rescues through no fault of their own. I can’t adopt anymore, so now I just foster. My dogs, my husband and I all enjoy it, this was our first foster through adoption first."

Mary Noskowiak


"I started volunteering in Dec 2017 after we adopted. I started volunteering at the rescue to give back to them because we enjoy Gunner so much. It's now become something not only I enjoy but my four year old daughter loves. We love seeing the dogs and playing with them. Adoption first has become family to me in a short time. I am truly blessed to the opportunity to teach my daughter about how to work and enjoy doing what you do."

Breanna Perry


"My journey with adoption first started when we adopted "Sun" now Khaleesi December 3rd of 2016. My dog of 13 years passed away on our move across country on June 8th 2016 so  I had been looking to fill the giant hole he left.  She was the perfect fit and while fiesty she loved playing with dogs.  I saw a post on the Facebook page asking for temporary fosters in March of 2017 and decided to take in my first foster. I LOVED it! It spiraled after that!  I asked Staci what I could do to be more involved and started doing all the vetting around September 2017. It continues to spiral as I seem to get deeper and deeper daily but I can say I have truly found my passion.  I have worked with animals all my life and this is the most rewarding "job" I've ever had!"

Jordyn Etherton


" I have been fostering dogs since 2015, i fostered my first dog for adoption first in late 2015 her name was penny! I focused on fostering for the shelter for a long time but have recently started fostering for adoption first again. I love taking in lost causes and watching them transform into an amazing dog thats willing to trust again. When im unable to foster i love transporting dogs from different shelters back to the rescue. The pure joy you can see in their eyes when they realize they are leaving the shelter is absolutly priceless."

Casie Deshong


 "I started fostering in 2016 after I adopted a dog from Adoption First in September. I was so in love with my boy that I wanted to help many other dogs find their forever homes. The transition I see the dogs go through from the day they are pulled to the day they get adopted warms my heart."

Brittany & Dalton Berry


“When we first moved to Jacksonville, we knew there was something missing and that’s when we adopted our dog, Easton, from Adoption First. In our free time we enjoy being at events, hanging out with the dogs, and really getting to know them. We always enjoy watching the dogs go off to their forever homes and want to make an impact on their lives. Adoption First is like our second family and we enjoy everyone involved.”

Morgan Burns


"I’ve been fostering for adoption first animal rescue since June 2018. I absolutely love being able to give love and affection to homeless dogs who need you the most. Being able to see your foster  grow and find their forever home is a great experience."

Kim Cap


"I have been volunteering since Feb 2018. I have worked many hats in my volunteer time with Adoption First   from fostering, transporting, events, socializing the rescue dogs, taking them out for trips, and facility maintenance. It has been the most rewarding and meaningful year of my life to look back and think of all the lives we saved and impacted. There is nothing like a rescue dogs unconditional love!!"

Board Members


Staci Ventura

Staci is the founder of Adoption First Animal Rescue and the current President. She was raised in California and has lived in North Carolina for the last few years. She has a passion for dogs and wants to help the community, educate the public, and lower euthanasia rates in public shelters. 


Heidi McLaughlin

Heidi joined the Adoption First team after being a customer. She adopted her dog from Adoption First in 2014 and has taken a more active role in the organization. She currently is the Vice President and wants to share her experience with others.


Sabrina Adams

Sabrina started with Adoption First in 2016 and strived to make Adoption First more active in the community.  She is the Grant Writer and Event Coordinator. With her help the rescue has secured many grants and hosted community events. 

Dakota Fultz

"I’ve been with Adoption First since may of 2017. I started fostering, because I wanted to make a difference. I love that I can pull a dog from the shelter, all curled in a ball terrified of life, & watch their personalities grow and become trusting ❤️ It’s amazing watching the happiness & smiles from everyone around, truly dedicated to saving dogs. I have since moved to my home state of Kentucky and am starting a second location of Adoption First Animal Rescue."