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Low Cost Spay/Neuter

Cat Spay & Neuter

Female Cat Spay $85.00
Male Cat Neuter $65.00
Feral Cat Packages*
Male $55.00
Female $65.00

* ferals must be in a trap. Includes sterilization, rabies, ear tip & FVRCP

* all animals will receive a tattoo after surgery

DogSpay & Neuter

Spay or Neuter 1-50 lbs $140.00
Spay or Neuter 51-70 lbs $165.00
Over 71 lbs starting at $200.00
Pitbulls $100.00 (breed determined by Veterinarian)


* all animals will receive a tattoo after surgery

Additional Post Op Meds: $15.00 under 50lbs & $25.00 over 50lbs
Ecollar: $15.00 highly recommended

*Wellness Exam NOT required prior to surgery*
  • Bloodwork available - ask for pricing
  • AFVC is NOT a full service vet. Advanced care including, but not limited to: radiographs, ultrasound and hospitalization are NOT provided
  • Emergency Services are NOT available here. Go to Swansboro Animal Hospital at 130 Phillips Loop Rd, Swansboro, NC or call at 910-325-8227


114 Enterprise St, Jacksonville NC 28546


Hours of Operation

  • Monday- 8am-4pm
  • Tuesday- 8am-4pm
  • Wednesday- 8am- 4pm
  • Thursday- 8am-4pm
  • Friday- Closed
  • Saturday- Closed
  • Sunday- Closed

All scheduling can be done electronically! If you would like to schedule an appointment for your dog or cat to be spayed or neutered with us, please go to the link below. You will be able to see what dates are available for your specific needs and make the appointment directly online. Adoption First Veterinary Clinic will review all appointment requests and will approve the request or deny the request. You will receive all communication via email. Please make sure to check your email for any messages regarding your appointment.

*Wellness Appointments: This is a physical exam performed by a licensed veterinarian to be sure your pet is healthy enough for routine vaccines. We will start offering Wellness Exams middle of February, stay tuned for updates!

*Sick Appointments: We do not offer any sick appointments. You must contact your regular veterinarian. These appointments include, but are not limited to ear concerns, skin concerns, upset stomach, and so on.

If you have any questions, please give us a call at ​910-745-6406. We are incredibly busy during the day and may not be able to answer your call. You can also text us at this number for faster response. We will get back to you as soon as we can. If this is an emergency, contact the emergency veterinarian. We are unable to help in emergency situations.

If you would like to donate to this mission, please contact